Eretz Schenhav


Text u. Musik: Nizza Thobi

Land of  Ivory

Ivory land of mine
you are my destination
My breath is thriving to return to your mountains 
The echo of the bells in your voice
fills my heart with endless joy
My soul longs for you
do take me to your bosom.
That's the place of the legendary castle
in which my soul will dwell forever
The day will come to fulfill my dream 
on a pigeon's wing I shall wander
By thousands of ways I shall return
In my heart you are THE country 
till the end of days
On ripples of yesterday's tears I shall come
I shall return to you
I am but a grain of sand from your desert
I shall return to you
To Lake Tiberias in the Galilee
through Bethlehem
From the heights of the mountains of Sinai 
to you, Jerusalem
ęCopyright: English translation: Rafael Manory