Od pa'am
Jehuda Amichai(1924-2000)
I want you to be again my Kingdom upon Earth
Beyond the door through which no one is coming back.
To hear again, “So good that you came”
And then to die without reincarnation.
Again – the feeling of the key
to your door in my pocket.
And at midnight, when a cold wind blows,
suddenly to whisper, "cover yourself", "you too".  
And again, pelvis
To die and to exist again.
To be with you water inside water
Undistinguishable from each other,
and to reach orgasm
And to lay in the dark and to hear
The voice above the voice
again at night and to touch the forehead
and then to fall
Not in wars,
not in them will I fall again
But here and now in the land of uniqueness
the land without me, the land without you
The land of gray hills
The land for eternity.

© Copyright: Rafael  Manory