Schon sinkt die Nacht herab und umhüllt den Berg  
Und in den Gärten heult der Schakal 
Auf einem steilen Pfad zum Dorf hinunter 
Marschiert wieder eine Truppe der Minenentschärfen 



The sappers’ song


The night’s already falling and envelops the hill

And the jackal is howling in the yards

On the steep trail descending to the village

The sappers’ squad is again on the march

The kitbag on our back, the burden is heavy

And the path is hard and rugged

Another three miles don’t count, you sapper

After that the dynamite stick will be talking

To the enemy’s village we bring destruction

With a mine, a detonator, a fuse

More targets –not one- will be blown in the air

When the sapper his charge detonates

And if by some luck we return to the base

And the wind will shriek in the yards

Again when night comes our burden we’ll load

And away we go, the sappers’ squad

© Copyright: Rafael Manory